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The Green Energy Blog

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    No matter what side of the climate change science you agree with, STRAND Energy Corporation believes it is always prudent to care for our planet and we’ve made renewable sources of energy our business. Our mission is to bring affordable, clean energy to the world – one home at a time and in a manner that is responsible, sustainable and affordable. In short – Powering Change. In honour of the upcoming world religious Festivals, including our own allegiance to Christmas, we feel it is a good time to give back.

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    A quick explanation of how you can earn money from your roof with the Ontario Government’s MicroFIT Program. Get paid up to $5000 each year, for 20 years! Strand Energy can manage the entire process for you, from the initial assessment, evaluation and application, to powering up your new solar panels.

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    Strand Energy is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website. The website showcases Strand’s green energy technologies including Solar MicroFIT, Off-Grid Solar, Wind power, Outdoor LED Lighting and Battery Backup systems.