Solar MicroFIT

Claim your Government-guaranteed income from SOLAR on your roof. Sign up now to lock-in this year’s rates and start generating clean, green energy!

  • OPTION 1 – GET PAID to Go-Green with our $0-Cash Offer
  • OPTION 2 – PARTNER WITH US. Share Ownership and a greater percentage of profits with STRAND Energy
  • OPTION 3 – INVEST IN SOLAR and earn up to $100,000 income over the length of your contract!



LED Lighting

Now Everyone can CONSERVE Energy with STRAND outdoor LED lighting solutions. Contact your local Municipality and ask if they are saving your tax dollars by using STRAND’s LED street lighting!

We can supply LED lighting for the backyard, driveway, beach, dock, park, parking lot, housing developments and rural streets – whether on or off-grid.


The STRAND Windjammer

Personal power on an epic scale

Ontario Engineer, Carl Strand re-invents the Wind Turbine and Powers up the smart Urban landscape

STRAND’s innovative Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT) design harnesses more power from wind than the typical Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) you see on farms today.




Energy Independence for Everyone. Now.

Power generation is no longer the monopoly of the few – it is available, on an individual basis, to all.

LEARN ABOUT OFF-GRID – HOW TO Generate, Store, Conserve and Prosper!Let us help you gain energy independence with our OFF-GRID KITS.

  • Commercial Kits
  • Home Kits
  • Cottage Kits
  • Cabin Kits
  • Shed Kits



  • Share The Gift Of Light nepal-children-300

    No matter what side of the climate change science you agree with, STRAND Energy Corporation believes it is always prudent to care for our planet and we’ve made renewable sources of energy our business. Our mission is to bring affordable, clean energy to the world – one home at a time and in a manner ...

  • The Ontario MicroFIT Program how-solar-works

    A quick explanation of how you can earn money from your roof with the Ontario Government’s MicroFIT Program. Get paid up to $5000 each year, for 20 years! Strand Energy can manage the entire process for you, from the initial assessment, evaluation and application, to powering up your new solar panels.



Strand Energy has a long history and extensive experience in renewable energy

STRAND has been doing research in alternative energy since the mid 1990’s

STRAND was incorporated in 2006

We have been involved in MicroFIT and FIT projects since 2007

Our Customers are our best references

We only use “on-staff” installers to control the quality of workmanship

STRAND Energy provides services in the following areas of expertise:

  • Residential and Commercial
  • PV panels and Solar Shingles
  • Micro FIT
  • On and Off Grid